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How to pass the “Sell Me This Pen” test

A common test that hiring people use during an interview is to present a pen and challenge the candidate to try to sell that pen to him or her.

The quickest way to answer this challenge is to simply ask, “This pen?” and after an affirmative response is given, hand the pen to the hiring person and say, “Since you know more about this pen than I do, how much money would you pay for such a pen?” Then when they give you a price, simply say, “Sold!”

This demonstrates that you are aware that the first rule in selling is to keep it simple.

However, if this fails to impress your tormentor—I mean interviewer—then you have a dilemma because this is a role play, the purpose of which is to demonstrate your understanding of the sales process. The problem is that the odds are nearly 100% that the person interviewing you does not understand the true process. He or she may have their own process, the way they think it should be done, the way most sales books say it should be done, but the odds are a hundred to one that they are wrong.

What they probably want is for you to ask them questions to get them saying yes, then lead them down a path where you corner them into having to buy the pen. Or they want you to uncover their need for a pen. Or they want you to sell the benefits of the pen. But there are really only two reasons people buy anything; 1) they buy because they want what you are selling more than the cost of it, or 2) they buy because they want it more than they want to suffer the consequences of not having it. In either case, the first five words of both reasons are the same: They buy because they want.

So the secret is to find out what they want and what they do not want. If you show someone that it will cost them more not to buy, than to buy, they will buy. Below is an example of how you can sell the pen quickly while demonstrating your understanding of all of this. Remember, this is a role play, it is fantasy, and they have given you no context for prospecting or selling this pen. It is their pen, they already own it, it is not yours to sell. So you are not constrained by reality, and are free to do whatever is necessary to demonstrate that you understand how to make them want to buy the pen.

Are you ready? Here goes…

Pick up the pen and take a piece of paper (use any paper that is handy). As persuasively as you can, tell them that you made a bet with your friend that the interviewer would use the old “sell me this pen” challenge, and you have just won the bet, and now your friend who lost has to pay a hundred dollars for that pen. Then tell them that since you are supposed to sell this pen that is worth a hundred dollars to the interviewer, you will let them have it for only $10, and you will include the name and phone number of your friend as part of the deal. Then tell them that to prove you are serious, and to remove any and all risk to them, you will also give them a written guarantee that if your friend reneges on the bet and fails to buy the pen for a hundred dollars, or if the interviewer is unhappy with their purchase for ANY reason, you will buy the pen back, no questions asked, for the full $10 purchase price. Then say, “Here, let me show you,” and write: “I guarantee to buy back this pen from you for any reason for $10, no questions asked.”

Hand them the paper (with the guarantee written on it, but WITHOUT the name and number of your friend) while looking them in the eye and say, “A hundred dollar pen for only ten dollars. Do we have a deal?”

If they challenge you, simply reiterate that you are completely serious, you are NOT joking, the bet is real, the deal is real, the guarantee is real, and $10 is the least you will take for the hundred dollar pen, but only if they buy right now.

This pitch demonstrates urgency, control, building value, creating desire, mitigating risk, decisiveness, and your ability to follow instructions.

Of course, if they call your bluff, take their $10 and give them the pen along with the name and number of a person who you have made arrangements with for this purpose. You can work this two ways:

  1. Make the bet with someone beforehand, as described.
  2. Arrange for a friend to accept the call but he or she can refuse to buy the pen. You then buy back the pen from your interviewer for ten bucks. Don’t worry if they challenge you on this part. The test was to sell them the pen, and you did. There will have been no mention of the deal having to stick. Also, don’t worry that you really didn’t make such a bet. It was a role play. You are not lying, you are role playing and had no intention of keeping the money.


Discover how to sell more of your products and services faster and easier without ever having to deal with sales objections. The secrets are found within the pages of The Awesome Power of No Objection Selling. Click on the ‘Order Form’ link and get it now.

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